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Titti Qvarnström

Tekompaniet and Dilmah Tea started a collaboration with Michelin star chef Titti Qvarnström in 2018. With her restaurant "Bloom in the park", she became the first woman in Scandinavia to lead a restaurant to the coveted Michelin star.

Titti Qvarnström is educated at Hotel- og Restaurantskolen in Copenhagen and some of Denmark's and Germany's best cuisines. Her restaurant Bloom in the park was also named Restaurant of the Year by Restaurangvärlden in 2015. Titti has previously competed in the tv shows The Chefs and The Chefs' Fight, and was named Rising Star by the White Guide in 2010.

Here's what Titti said at the beginning of our collaboration:

Photographer: Miriam Preis"It will be really exciting to experience the terroir of tea. For me as a chef, the tea means a brand new and very extensive toolbox of flavours to work with in the kitchen either as a lone star or as a complement to other flavours." -Titti Qvarnström

Tea is an excellent beverage for food, which is slowly but surely starting to take hold in Sweden. As a spice in food, bread and various pastries or as a seasoning when cooking. Drinks with or without alcohol are enhanced with a well-chosen tea as an ingredient.

In the spring of 2018 Titti Qvarnström went on a trip together with Tekompaniet and Dilmah to the promised land of tea. It was not only a journey in a fantastic landscape, but also a journey in tea knowledge.

"It has been incredibly inspiring and I have gained a completely new understanding of tea!" - Titti Qvarnström

Follow Titti's travel in Sri Lanka guided by Dilmah CEO Dilhan Fernando:

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