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Our own, very special, selected loose-leaf tea

The Tekompaniet's Selected loose-leaf tea is a series of carefully selected organic and Fairtrade certified teas. Most teas are Single Estate which means they come from the same plantation. This guarantees an even quality.

The tea and most of the spices we use come from a small-scale producer, which in turn means that we can make regular visits, follow the product from tea bush to packaging and your cup of tea.

Where does the tea come from?

The Tekompaniet's Selected tea is grown in southern India in the mountainous region of Nilgiri, meaning Blue Mountains. Our handpicked tea grows at high altitude. It gives a bright and light tea. The teas are Single Estate which means that all tea is picked on the same plantation. This makes the tea traceable down to the plantation level.

We care!

One of the reasons we buy our teas from Nilgiri is that they care about their employees, families and the people of the area. The trade unions are strong, which means that working conditions are good compared to other parts of India. The plantation runs for example a hospital with both childbirth, surgery, emergency and intensive care unit as well as ambulances. They run schools and several orphanages, and award scholarships to study-motivated orphanage children. Every cup of tea makes a difference. Thank you for contributing to a better world!

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