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Mankada Ceramics Project

The Mankada ceramics project is a project aimed at sustainably providing income to an isolated and poor society. The MJF Foundation within Dilmah Tea, gave the village outside of Uda Walawe National Park, tools and a teacher to start a ceramics business that could generate income. With this successful project, the inhabitants of the village have become craftsmen with stable incomes.

It produces objects inspired by nature and animals, especially from the national park. One of the objects is a handmade saucer with turquoise glaze in the form of a leaf. You use the saucer to place your used tea bag on or as an embellishment on the set table.

We sell these beautiful saucers without profit to stretch MJF's important work in poor Sri Lanka.

With knowledge, everyone will develop. In several respects. Tekompaniet aims to sell 10,000 saucers made by the ceramicists in Mankada. The saucers are sold at cost price and the money funds three teacher salaries for one year.

The saucers are ideal for your used tea bag. They are individually packaged in a small textile bag with a brief information text that tells about the project in Mankada.

Tekompaniet's goal has been achieved! The school in Koul Ara
We have contributed salaries to three teachers in
Sri Lanka

Thank you to all of you who, together with us, have given work to the potters of Mankada. We thereby secure money for three teachers for one year within the framework of the MJF Foundation in Sri Lanka.

The MJF Foundation has given the village in Mankada tools and teachers to a business that can provide them with their own income. This allows the unemployed residents of the village to earn a living as craftsmen and thus earn their own money.

...but we will continue

Our work to support the project in Mankada, Sri Lanka continues. The new goal is to sell an additional 10,000 ceramic saucers and thus pay teachers for another year.



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