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Quality. Everybody has it, don't they?

Everything comes with some kind of quality. Tekompaniet wants to stand for high quality. This means, for example, that many of our teas are Single Origin. This means that the tea is unblended and its origin is from one country only. This is unusual in Sweden, where low quality tea has unfortunately become standard with even tricky labels of the teas. We wanted to change that at the start in 2000.

Freshness does a lot for the taste of the tea. So too the packaging because tea is sensitive to both air and light. Our teas are fresh when packaged. The seasonings are also of a higher and better quality than is usual.

"It's hard to go back to regular tea, once you've tried ours. Welcome to our world of tea!"

Ola Andersson, part-owner Tekompaniet

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