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Life by Follis

Life by Follis Design

Cecilia Kusoffsky, designer of Life by Follis.

Cecilia Kusoffsky

- Who are you?

I am a graphic designer and art director who mainly works with Graphic Identity such as logos, imagery and packaging.

- What was your thoughts when designing Life by Follis and why did you choose it?

It was important that it didn't feel like any other brand, that it should have its own unique identity, which, moreover, doesn't quickly go out of time, but can live over time.

In addition, it would breathe durability without feeling magnificent. The name Life also fits so well with life on Earth, then the animals were natural motifs.

- Who is the artist behind the pictures with all the animals?

The images/illustrations are from museums and libraries all over the world. These are illustrations from older works of art and many from scientific books from the turn of the last century.

- What kind of tea do you prefer yourself and why that particular variety??

I like green tea , often natural but Life by Follis has many lovely flavours where the flavours do not take over from the pure tea, such as Pear Vanilla and Coconut Pineapple. Among the blacks, I probably like Sparkling Strawberry best.

- What are you passionate about?

Haha I may not really be passionate about that much, those are strong words (where only my family fits, I think), but I have strong passion for a lot. Apart from my job that I really love, I paint a lot, it has become little more than a hobby. I also like to hike and be in nature very much. Over the years, I have also worked a lot on a voluntary basis with, among others, the Hunger Project and a youth football club, IFK Lidingö, where I have both coached children for 10 years and been involved in marketing pro bono for almost 20 years.

Read more about Cecilia Kusoffsky (Swedish only)

Life by Follis

Our new brand is a carefully produced tea of premium quality. It has exciting flavours with carefully selected ingredients and low environmental impact. We are proud to go directly to the source, as it gives us control over the entire production from tea plant to your cup.

The name Life by Follis stands for all the good you contribute to animal and wildlife as well as fair living conditions for the people who work with tea making. So thank you for choosing to contribute.


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