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True sustainability

  • Sustainability has always been central and important to us. From the beginning of 2000, most of our products were produced under ethical and environmentally friendly conditions where many products were certified EU Organic and Faitrade. Tekompaniet was very early in offering double certified products!
  • We have always strived to buy as close to the producer as possible, partly because it benefits those who work in the producer country and partly because it promotes the sustainability focus that we work with.
  • We have a well-developed Code of Conduct and a Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • 2-3 times a year we visit our suppliers in Asia including their plantations and factories. We conduct regular interviews with tea pluckers and factory workers to ensure everyone works in fair conditions.
  • In Sri Lanka and India, we support local development projects. Since 2018, we have funded a project in Sri Lanka aimed at lifting women out of poverty and, through training, teaching them to cook in a business-like way and start their own catering business.
  • The shortest possible delivery route is always in focus. The teas come from a specific plantation and are transported by boat directly from the producer country to our warehouse in southern Sweden.
  • Traceability. All our teas are Single Estate, that is, they come from the same plantation. We can trace it all the way back to the tea plucker.



  • Starts supporting the organization Tilia
  • Eco-labelled paper in our product catalogues


  • Starts supporting Mankada Ceramics Project in Sri Lanka.


Dilmah Organic

  • Dilmah launches their Organic series at the request of Tekompaniet.
  • We increase the share of organic sales by 30%.
  • Review of our own purchases. Thus introduce milk with a long shelf life and only certified products in the office. All purchases should be sustainability conscious.
  • Sorting plastic and paper in the office.


  • Continued increase in the share of organic sales by 8.4%.
  • We receive an award from Dilmah for the largest increase in sales of organic teas in the world.
  • We start our business project in Moratuwa by supporting women in Sri Lanka with a new catering kitchen.
  • The bestsellers Masala Chai (black, green and rooibos) become Organic certified.
  • Removes all plastic from Follis Tea and Masala Chai. Also removes the rivets on Masala Chai tags.


Dilmah Organic

  • We are increasing the share of organic sales again. Now with 14.2%.
  • Launches news in Dilmah's organic series. Cinnamon Turmeric. Raspberries and Ginger Butterscotch.
  • Transitions to e-invoice.
  • Three product catalogues become two. We save paper and reduce waste.


  • Launches our private label double-certified tea – Life by Follis.
  • We continue to increase the share of organic by 7%.
  • We stop sending paper invoices to our customers.
  • Does not accept paper invoices from vendors.
  • More of our meetings are going digital.






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