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Animals in the tea plantations

Our tea plantations are located in the middle of the jungle in southern India. Here, animals and people come together to give us organic quality teas like Life by Follis. We hope it is also important for you that nature, animals and the environment get good conditions. Here is information about some of the animals that live in or around the plantations.

The Nilgiri Lark occurs only in the south-west of India, including in the tea fields where Life by Follis is picked. Since there are only 20,000 birds left, it is considered vulnerable by the IUCN. We are happy that they thrive in the tea fields and help catch pest insects.





The Sambar Deer is characterized by its large horns with three thorns and its white tail. They live in forests and mountainous areas of eastern India, southern China and southern Southeast Asia. And in and around the tea fields where Life by Follis is picked.


Life by Follis illustration

The name Life by Follis stands for all the good you contribute to animal and wildlife life as well as fair living conditions for the people who work with tea making. So thank you for choosing to contribute.


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